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Modding the Minibrute 2S?
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Author Modding the Minibrute 2S?
Hello dear community,

The Minibrute 2S proved to be a good choice for my journey into modular. However, as a semi-modular, the sequencer is somewhat more of a black box. It doesn't accept much input.

- Where modular sequencers would allow to switch between patterns based on CV input or triggers, the state of the Minibrute sequencer can't be controlled even by CC commands (I filed a feature request, but unsure if or when this will be implemented)

- It can do S&H, but it seems to be applied internally, not to a CV input, basically turning it into a random function without the "controlled randomness" or "relatedness" which would make it interesting.

- Individual step settings don't have CV input

- There is no gate/trigger output for individual steps

As a beginner, I might be wrong (or use wrong terminology), but those seem to be limitations in comparison to truely modular sequencers.

Now my question would be, has anyone tried to "mod" the Minibrute 2S, for example, by soldering CV input to its controls, or opened it and assessed the possibilities? (I know some additional logic would be needed to put the sequencer in the correct "mode", i.e. by simulating a pressed LOAD button)

Or are there better ways (internal interfaces, "rooting" etc.)?

Thank you
sutekina bipu-on
I don't know the worth of modding a minibrute since i've never used or owned one, BUT, i have a neutron in my euro setup which was for a while the centerpiece of my euro setup.

As another semi modular, there is a lot of stuff you can't tap into, at least not directly. Again the neutron doesnt have a sequencer but you can patch into related things to get your CV in the generally correct part of the internal signal routing.

The neutron is super sick but i know that's not what you're here to ask about, so i'll just tell you that if you google "adding cv control to instrument" you'll see there is a basic circuit floating around the net that is a fairly generic and adaptable circuit for controlling something which is voltage controlled via CV.
mcleinn wrote:

As a beginner, I might be wrong (or use wrong terminology), but those seem to be limitations in comparison to truely modular sequencers.

unfortunately not. a 'truly modular sequencer' is just a sequencer that comes as a module and not as part of a stand-alone intrument. Otherwise, they come in all flavours and sizes. Some modular sequences do not allow for much cv control (Stepper Acid. Also Voltage Block and Varigate do not have much cv control). Others are more flexible. But all of them are modular sequencers, they just do different things. Very few can switch pattern via cv (preset pattern are not so common, so there is not much to switch anyway).

But i cannot help with modding the the Minibrute 2S.
I too have begun to feel limited by the 2s....though it was a great introduction to modular, I see myself getting rid of it within a year and adding sequencers like Winter Modular Eloquencer and Hermod.
Build yourself a Performer - excellent design.
Given what the sequencer does will all be driven by firmware, the likelihood of being able to 'just add' CV control is almost nil. The same goes for euro sequencers, if they don't have a particular feature, you can't just add it without rewriting the firmware. That explains why there are so many euro sequencers, they all do their own thing in different ways. It's also why some people like building their own sequencers from other less complex modules.

To get a euro sequencer with all the features you mention would probably cost as much as the Minibrute 2S itself. Most of your requests are far from universal even in the modular world. In particular 'step settings with CV inputs' may only be available on the Doepfer A-155. It's an unusual feature for a sequencer as there are other ways of achieving it.

The idea of MIDI control seems more feasible. Maybe go on the Arturia forums and suggest it there, more people requesting it would help.
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