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BEMI easel a bit poorly
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Author BEMI easel a bit poorly
I bought this directly from BEMI in 2014 and imported it to the UK, I have never really tried to play anything with it before just went for sound effects and noises, however I did tune it up once and it seemed ok-ish over about 3 octaves, It was earthed via my 200e and the keyboard was very responsive.

Turned it on for the first time in around a year yesterday and both oscillators are very unstable, both swing 1 semitone each way constantly, left the easel to warm up for a couple of hours and still no change, also the fine tune knob on the mod oscillator does nothing past 50%, the keyboard is very unresponsive, I press a key and it takes a second or so before it makes a sound, the easel is no longer grounded via a 200e as I no longer have it, I tried putting a banana into the ground and holding the other end but this made no difference.
Also the furthest key on the keyboard does not respond to anything.

Any advice from the guru's out there please ?
I'd say you're "lucky" and got one of the BEMI's with the uA726's. But after warming up it should still track ok, but it might need to be recalibrated. If that doesn't do it get someone to check or replace them with one of these:

But I don't think it'd be necessary if it was properly calibrated.

As for the keyboard. Super important that you let it sit after starting up for several minutes before playing. Also make sure that the arpeggiator switch is in the NONE position. If you have the arpeggiator on and with a slower speed there might be a perceived delay when pressing a key, depending on how you're timed with the internal clock.

Hope all of this helps.
Thanks for your reply, it seems the problem was between the keyboard and the chair hihi

Turned it on last night and didn't touch it for 30 mins and it seems ok, a bit of drift from the oscillator's but I don't mind that.

Thanks again
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