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Minilogue OG Keyboard velocity issue
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Author Minilogue OG Keyboard velocity issue
Neal Beard
Hi All,

I just got a Korg Minilogue from Ebay (yup it's one of those posts)

And upon playing it I immediately noticed an inconsistent velocity response from three of the keys in the upper octave D# F# G#

Many times upon playing they don't trigger at all, and to get a response out of them I have to really hammer them, compared to the other notes.

Wondered if anyone else has had similar problem with this synth? Or if anyone has taken then apart to clean contacts etc?

Thought I'd snap a 2nd hand bargain now the new XD version is out, but looks like it's backfired on me... Dead Banana
Neal Beard
UPDATE: The seller has offered 50 funds back.

So I wondered has anyone any experience of getting a unit repaired with Korg?

How much it might cost, or how long it might take?

Or should I open it up myself and see if I can locate an issue with the contacts underneath the keys, because that's what it feels like to me...

Thanks in advance!
Mind Flayer
No experience with this issue, but I would imagine that having Korg fix it would cost more than $50 and would be a huge hassle. Ebay is very buyer-protective, so if I were you I would just get a full refund and send it back, and buy another unit. You can find them used everywhere.
Neal Beard
Thanks, think I might have to do that.

You're right about getting it fixed with Korg being expensive and hassle...

'An initial inspection fee would be £30.00 plus VAT made payable in advance. Labour cost will be £60.00 per hour. All labour and parts quoted are subject to VAT. Most repairs are complete within this hour. Return carriage back to you is charged at £30.00.'
Mind Flayer
I guess the only qualification is that if you are confident that it’s a simple fix of cleaning the key contacts and that is something you can do yourself, you could just take the $50 and go ahead with the fix. But the minilogue is such a new instrument that it would seem odd to me that that’s really the issue - it usually takes longer for that kind of issue to develop.
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