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The deafening silence of the VC340 (Behr-hating)?
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Author The deafening silence of the VC340 (Behr-hating)?
So it's finally available for the masses who didn't pre-order one; I finally picked one up, eagerly looking to one-up my VP-03 (though it was first loved, once the Behr was officially on the horizon, the VP-03's days were numbered): Analog vs digital, full (true?) paraphony, and a MIDI-able full-size (!) keyboard to boot. And... I wasn't proven wrong! The thing's truly awesome in its three-trick-pony duty. I was immediately off into JMJ/TD/Edgar Froese/JCarpenter-land, and lost a couple hours right out-of-the-wrapping. Paired with some pedals (phaser/EMT plate), I was in heaven. Definitely worth the asking price, if you're looking for THAT sound. [I still own a Streichfett; it's a different, 'fuller'-sounding stringer, with the fun addition of the synth side to add.]

All Behr-bashing aside... their recent products are all very good. Yes, I have a couple Moogs (but not an original MM; I was brought up on the Realistic MG-1); and have had a VP-330 (VERY used) back in the day, long-gone now. Disregarding the Neutron and Deepmind, my take on their brand-stealing is fairly simplistic and modern: I have no desire to be involved in the upkeep of vintage gear, with component-sourcing, resoldering, etc. I just want a current-construction retail piece to enjoy; just as I did 'back in the day'. Am I harming Moog/Roland's bottom line? I don't think so: I'm honoring their old products, manufactured by someone who went through the process of board-up design. I think I'd feel this way about someone in the DIY section, recreating a TTSH, or PS-3200 (anyone?). When a friend asks me 'What makes that sound?', my answer is always: 'Oh, it's that Behringer clone of the.... instrument.' My reference is to the original, AND the recent company. [I say the same of my 'Korg reissue of the ARP'; and yes, I'm aware of the difference (Korg actually working with the designers).]

Sorry for the soapbox; my initial post was more about the sound of a cool new vintage-style instrument that I'm loving. Enjoy.
There's a thread for this:

Admin edit: Thanks for pointing out the existing thread. I'm going to lock this one now to keep discussion there.
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