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Setup help: Tr-8, analog Synth (Grandmother) and DAW
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Author Setup help: Tr-8, analog Synth (Grandmother) and DAW
Dear community,

after 10 years of digital only, I received my moog grandmother yesterday.
I want to incorporate it into my setup - here are the components

Macbook and Ableton 8
Traktor Audio 10 interface
Roland Tr-8
Moog Grandmother
MIDI Keyboard controlling VST synths

I want to be able to jam on all compoments live and snyced in ableton. Also, I would want the tr-8 instrumenta routet individually.

As some of you might know you can set the tr8 as an audio interface to achieve that. (The only way i think) but then i cant use my audio interface or hear the grandmother or the vsts

Does anyone have an idea on how to achieve this setup?

Thank you in advance

I would get a bigger (more inputs) audio interface and use the analog outs from the drum machine.

I think the people who get excited about USB audio outputs on synths and drum machines seem to ignore that if you want to use another audio interface at the same time you're likely going to have problems. Some Mac users claim to get by setting up an Aggregate Device in Audio Setup utility but in my experience this leads to sync issues which means clicks and pops and digital unpleasantness.

Manufacturers should use dedicated digital outs like optical ADAT or SPDIF on their gear and stop with this entry level USB stuff which assumes a setup of one machine and a laptop.
you kids get off my lawn
umma gumma
only way I can think, to retain individual tracks with the TR8 is to use it as your interface

then you can use the 2x Aux inputs on the TR8, to feed the GM plus one other instrument, into their own tracks on the DAW as well

from memory: on the TR8 you have to disable all the drum tracks from the primary mix A, and then use the main L/R out as your 2x Aux channels. otherwise you will get the drum tracks in main L/R

*edit* if you are using VST's for all the other stuff, that should be fairly easy to setup in the DAW alongside the TR8
Panason wrote:
entry level USB stuff which assumes a setup of one machine and a laptop.
you kids get off my lawn

Nothing like a Drum Machine only track! If you add another instrument you're into jazz territory IMO. Rockin' Banana!
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