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Kurzweil PC4 - Coming Soon
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Author Kurzweil PC4 - Coming Soon
I was revisiting the idea of getting a Kurzweil and look what info is out there! They are working on a new model, the PC4. This one has audio inputs love It will also feature a 6-op FM synth.


256 voices of polyphony
2 GB of factory sample content + 2 GB of user-loadable space
1000+ factory programs
New! 6-operator FM Engine with the ability to import 80's/90's FM SysEx files
9 sets of programmable knobs+sliders+buttons
88 note fully-weighted hammer-action with velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch
Full native V.A.S.T. editing capabilities
16 track Sequencer with dedicated front-panel transport buttons
16 arpeggiators (Classic or Step sequencers) with dedicated front-panel controls
New! - 16 MIDI CC Step Sequencers
16 Riff Generators
Dedicated front-panel transposition and tempo controls
Ribbon connector input
(2) 1/4 inch audio input connectors
(1) stereo 1/8" audio input jack with FX
(2) pairs of stereo outputs
(4) switch pedals (via 2 stereo jacks)
(2) CC pedal inputs
Cool! Still use my K2600XS nearly every day.
Randy wrote:
Cool! Still use my K2600XS nearly every day.

I had a loaded K2600RS, for the briefest amount of time, but had to sell it to help pay for classes. I really want another one.
Rex Coil 7
I've had two K2600S, and a PC3A6. Really loved the PC3A6.

Here's to hoping the PC4 is "all that" ... thumbs up
Wow DX7 inside!

I still have two K2600RS,one full expanded,both with card readers smile

Massive impact sounding synth.

have had the K2661 but sold because it sound a bit less dynamic then the older K2600(RS).
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