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Improvised modular techno liveset #01 - NCLSRD Frequencies
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Author Improvised modular techno liveset #01 - NCLSRD Frequencies
Hello there,

Here is my very first full improvised #modular #techno #liveset.
One hour of pure techno, hope you enjoy it!

You can download this liveset for free on my bandcamp (see link in description)

Any recordings without the visuals? Would've loved to have had a clearer look at what was going on
Hi Versipellis, thanks for watching !

I've just uploaded a visual-less version here :

Sorry for the very low cam quality...
I will try to upgrade my cam for the next liveset.

Great stuff! Any chance you could walk us through what your doing? (ie what modules are making the various sounds, what's sequencing them and how the rhythms are being made. Would be very helpful to a noob like me who's just trying to get a grip on how this stuff works)
Thx okiikahuna!
Sorry for this late answer... I was away for a trip.

For this live session I mostly used the following stuff:

2 VCO: malekko richter oscillator & WMD spectrum.

2 filters: wmd pole zero & mmf.

2 EG from tiptop audio.

For drums: mutants hihats, ssf entity BD, thonk prok clap, and noise sources.

For sequencing that I used: vpme euclideen circles, mutable instruments marbles, wmd arpitecht and a turing machine.

I used a radio music for the sampled vocals.

Sometime i used the Minitaur for the bass and the A4 for the chords.

Effects and main clock by the A4 too.

At the end I used a MSCL for a bit of compression....
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