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Juno 6 with or without Tubbutec mod?
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Author Juno 6 with or without Tubbutec mod?
I bought the Tubbutec mod for my Juno 6 but not sure if I want to put it in....
I have a sort of superstitious respect for old synths being the way they were originally made.

If you were buying a Juno 6 would you rather it had the mod, or rather it was original?
Sir Ruff
They are instruments, not collectors items—I have never seen anything wrong with modifying a synthesizer to make it more functional and useful in a modern environment as long as you’re not somehow destroying the basic character.
personally, I would love a Juno 6 with the Tubbutec mod. I sought out and purchased a Polysix that had their mod, and it works great. I prefer my synths to have the ability to be sequenced, versus be 100% original, and I don't envision them losing much value by gaining functionality. I actually have a CHD mod for my Jupiter 4 that I'm still talking myself into installing, just because I'm not sure I have the skill to, but I really want that thing to have midi!
I guess the only feature I really want is MIDI, it would be great to sequence it properly.

On the other hand I kind of enjoy the fact that I have to play it because it makes me do different stuff than I do on my JX3P, for example.

I guess I'll get around to it then smile
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