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200e stick or twist
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Author 200e stick or twist
Did anyone ever feel their buchla system was complete? What size did you end up with?

I'm at the point again when I look at my 18 space and wonder how much more cash it will take to round it out (I lack sequencing and mixing to a lesser degree). Another row would do it but...
I feel like 18U is the best size for me. I upgraded from a Skylab. I moved the 223e controller into my 18U for ergonomics, and love that. So, 18U was essentially a 50% increase in space, then.

Complete?: Yes. It’s small enough to move fairly easily and take out for performances, yet big enough to have all the stuff I *reasonably* need to produce satisfying (to me) pieces.

Finished?: No. I’m constantly looking at other modules to swap in and out, but sticking with the 18U framework.

If I *really* want to add more modules than I have now, I can move the 223e controller back out to the passive frame, but I’m resisting that pretty firmly.

All that said, I’m doing an outdoor performance at the end of the month, and will probably use the Skylab case for that. I might try to make a “Skeasel” (Easel-ish instrument in a Skylab-sized case) by putting the 223e controller in the case. Very tricky to choose the modules, but kind of fun to try to optimize.
In my head 18 is the right size for me (big if anything) but I have a few things in there I won't lose really - I could compromise the 288,272 and 275, but don't really feel I want to. Pretty sure I'll feel 24 is too big but Im aware I'll never feel it's done without sequencing in the system, like I have with my other systems. And cash... cash is a factor.
im restricting myself to 12u. im interested in limiting myself and finding the perfect mix of modules for my needs. money is also a factor, i can easily see myself going overboard.
I started with 12U and now I am at 32U (Buchla 201e-24, SAModular 5U, and LEM7 3U). The 5U has my MARF and 2TT. The 3U is for h-size modules (Buchla and NLM).

For live playing, I use an 8U SmartCAB, the 5U, and the 3U with the 227e in it.
Ah - such a great question.

I have a 24U. and i have over-spilled.

aside from my 24U, i have 2x208, and enough to fill another 4U ( my easel case isn't fully sorted yet )

saying that ... i often feel it's too big for me.

I have a Marf, and a 250e would do me just fine - or i could even use my A4 for sequencing. i have 2 x 292, and a 280 and 281, i would happily go down to one set. same for the 259, the 25S is fine for me. I think i should think about reducing what i have! to a 18 or 12u case.
Andy! I hear you man! 18 seems great size.

I am pretty sure tho I don't want to go above 12U and about to fill that in.
Might be too early days as my case is not full yet. I don't have 223e tho and if added thats 4 spaces so pretty close to 18 wink
As jo__dem is saying restricting is good approach. 12 is really nice and compact size. Plenty of power already.

Also, I totally recommend sequencing. Once I added 251e to my system it really pulled it all together for me. Swapping one module to that would do wonders.
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Big systems can be overwhelming, for sure. My system has seven modules for sound sources: 258e, 259e, 260e, 261e, 268e, 272e, and a DAO. That's a lot of oscillators, to say the least. And I have tons of CV modulation (MARF, 251e, 282e, 223e, etc). I work in multiple genres and I like having a big studio system.

I know some people with 50U, which is mind-boggling to me, but I wouldn't say no to it! It's peanut butter jelly time!
My 222e is sat outside so maybe that means I have a 21u. Also have a buchlafied tetramaps in another 2u so... The 252e would add a lot to what I have - maybe that's a way to go eventually.
tIB wrote:
My 222e is sat outside so maybe that means I have a 21u. Also have a buchlafied tetramaps in another 2u so... The 252e would add a lot to what I have - maybe that's a way to go eventually.

Yeah, I'm 252e curious, but don't really want to spend the $$. I figure I'd swap back and forth between that and the 250e, if I had one.
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