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Any Rigol DM3058 opionions?
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Author Any Rigol DM3058 opionions?

Wading through many posts about mulimeters and I dont see any mentions of the Rigol DM3058 multimeter? Much love it seems for their oscillascope.

I need to cailbrate oakley psu, VCO, midi to cv and any other modules come accross building and also debug probably. I read ideally I need a 40000 count / 4.5 digit meter to do so.

My head is spinning, much love for fluke 115 although seems 179 has some extra precision, but not 40000 count / 4.5 digit worthy, really it seems the fluke 87V which is a fair old price (I half wonder just wether punting for an 8080A is worth it at that point)

Fluke 179 price there seems to be a Bryman 869s that has more precision. For a fluke 87V for a little more that Rigol bench looks a reasnoble shout.

Outsider I seen is an Extech 530 which seems to get some love but I've seen pictures of the soldering inside and may have some general build issues... GW Instek and B&K do some cheaper benches with 4.5/5.5 precision a little more than a 179 but seems a little too good to be true.

I cant help but think high precision costs so I do wonder how the brymen, extech, gw instek precision will hold up over time...

I randomly found the Rigol and was intrugued, really though at this point I'm thinking a Fluke 179 seems a reasnoble shout and save up for something a little more precise down the road. Or rage order an 87V becuase the time I'd save from going round in circles is probably worth the difference right? razz
If you consider the Rigol DM3058A, you may also consider the Siglent SDM3055. The price and specs are almost identical but SDM3055 has a nicer display with more functions. I have no experience with either of them, but I have a Siglent function genertor that I'm happy with and have been considering getting a SDM3055 when I need to upgrade my DMMs.
Thanks, will take a look at that.
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