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CD 4034 ic. Where to get them?
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Author CD 4034 ic. Where to get them?
I'm building an OG Klee sequencer, pre 2015, was wondering where I could pick this chipset up at. Synthcube is down and they were the only place I knew of. I see some on ebay but I've heard that's sketchy. Thanks.
jameco has them: gId=10001&productId=2288135&utm_medium=buyNow&storeId=10001&langId=-1& CID=findchips&utm_source=supplyFrame

jamecos search is terrible, use google to search them instead. or
Right on. I was actually wondering if they were an alright vendor too. Thanks for the insight.
jameco is great, one of the original diy parts suppliers whom you could buy from without having an account with them.
Futurlec also has them, and for less:
Synthiq wrote:
Futurlec also has them, and for less:

Futurlec is a good supplier, but they can be very slow. If you don't mind waiting you can save by going with them. If you need it soon then Jameco is best.
I boycott futurelec after they defrauded my my credit card and I had to charge back on them. not everything on the website is available but they will still take your money even if it is not in stock. they ended up charging me like $10 for the price of shipping and two M3 standoffs that I could have got from mouser with my next order. the parts I really wanted were some rare IC that they claimed to have in stock for super cheap.

a lot of people will disagree with me here but I still use UTsource for hard to find out of production through hole parts. you gamble on getting fakes but the instant availability, unlimited quantity, and low price makes up for it if you hedge your bets.

the super legit united states based equivalent of UTsource is rochester electronics obviously you pay more for a service that claims to test for fakes through some in house process.
Thanks for the responses everyone.
Working for me:
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