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Post by tardishead » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:28 pm

Ok this is starting to make sense now
Yeh I’m aware of the 6v on a lot of Serge stuff
However Kevin who was the tech for the Mystery serge and who has an original schematic (told by serge himself not to share under any circumstance - hence the title of this thread) - was the one who told me that the circuit used 4v reference for some parts as well as the more common 6v reference. And is it possible that this 4v went missing on some Serge products as time went by?
And I was just about to try that voltage idea in the WINDOW Cv input that you mentioned. Some kind of offset I felt was needed.
And I cannot trim the hold function on my modules as ken describes in the setup procedure and as you say either......
It’s all very subtle but it does contribute to the functionality of the module.

On another note I found that replacing the pots with the serge original values (not the ubiquitous 100k) normally makes for a far more useable module. 100k might increase the range etc etc but more often than not I found the range to be too large.

And hey are you really in Clapton Pond? I live on Graham Road Hackney!

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Post by the bad producer » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:35 pm

tardishead wrote:And hey are you really in Clapton Pond? I live on Graham Road Hackney!
Not really, just north of Lea Bridge roundabout! You’re welcome to pop round and we could swap notes etc will PM!

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