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Passive Patchbay ?
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Author Passive Patchbay ?

this is a pain to always find the right jacks when dealing with material outside my modular ... 3.5mm – 1/4 to get to my audio interface , 2 mono 1/4 jacks to 1 stereo 1/4 to get to my Meris Mercury pedal ... , adding adaptators plug when I need 2x 3.5 mono > 2x 1/4 mono > 1 1/4 stereo etc etc etc

A very easy DIY project would be to have a external "mini patchbay" box when you can plug a mono3.5 and get a 1/4 at the output (or reverse), have a 1/4 stereo out if I need ... all passive ...

I think it will not hurt the audio chain to add a small box like this ? but maybe I'm wrong (adding ground problems for example ????)
some people call these format jumblers
Mine is a bit larger than what you speak of, but it's the same general idea. It's a DIY patch bay with 3.5 on the front and 1/4 on the back. It brings all of the channel inputs, sends and returns from a 12 ch mixer as well as multiple rack efx and dynamics processors all to a central spot mounted in the center of my modular wall. It allows me to work seamlessly with external hardware and modules combined in the same patch. I built it 2 or 3 years ago and love it. Not sure why no one has made a commercial product like this. I designed the patchbay modular on the front so it can be expanded or reconfigured in the future. There are a few blank panels for expansion and a panel with 3 attenuators.

I have never experienced any problems with crosstalk, noise, or hum related to using this patch bay. All of the jacks I used are the plastic insulated type so they are not electrically connected to the chassis or to each other. On the inside of the box, the front to back connections are all done with individual lengths of shielded audio cable so it basically works like a bunch of adapter cables that are mounted in a box.

TTThanks this is exactly my plan in a more "live friendly" format wink
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