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DIY skiff, a reasonable result , some thoughts on process.
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Author DIY skiff, a reasonable result , some thoughts on process.
Noodle Twister
Built some 1U modules from kits and I'm waiting for parts for a couple of 1U NLC sloths.

I had a length of vector rail left over from a 3U skiff build (purchased the 3U skiff cheeks)

Decided to make a 1U mini rack with DIY skiff cheeks. Cut two shapes out of plywood with a jigsaw and taped them together.

Made a mark with a pen on the plywood in a good position for the first top rail screw. Then measured the distance between the centre of a 1U front panel top screw hole to the centre of the hole at the bottom of the 1U front panel.

This measurement was used to mark the wood for drilling a hole for the bottom rail. Clamped the taped pieces and drilled two 5mm holes. Removed the tape from the wood which gives two wood skiff cheeks with two holes in each.

Then attached the rails to the two wood pieces complete with sliding nuts.

So that was my process and I have a usable prototype 1U mini skiff.
This was a practice run for making a 6U case but some questions remain.

Will some of this process be useful for the 6U case ?
Is the hole measurement a good idea ? Is taping two pieces of wood together to get the holes in the same place respectively a good idea ? What's your process when building a case ?

Thanks for sharing any thoughts or tips

Taping the wood together is a fine way to do it, I would say. Woodworking stores sell double sided tape for exactly this type of application.

For the case that i built, and the case I'm about to build, I bought aluminum cheeks to attach the rails too and then simply mounted the cheeks to the case. I opted for this simply because I decorated the exterior of the case and didn't want mounting hardware on the outside, and because I liked the additional structural stability of the cheeks.

This might be obvious but it's maybe worth pointing out just in case: I'd definitely use some thicker wood for a real case.
Noodle Twister
Ah I see, thanks Whelm. So the aluminum cheeks help with rail alignment, strength and make the case look better on the outside. Yes the wood used is ok for this purpose but not sturdy enough for a proper case.

How long are the screws used to attach bracket's to the case normally ?
I built my case out of 3/4" ply. I don't remember how long the screws that came with the cheeks I bought were, but they certainly aren't longer than 3/4". Probably like 1/2" or something?

I just bought the stuff from Synthrotek:

If you're mechanically apt I'm sure you could cut yourself up some pieces yourself out of aluminum.

That said, it's certainly not necessary. There's nothing wrong with mounting the rails to the side of the case, as you did with your 1U skiff.
Noodle Twister
Thanks for that information Whelm. I had a look after reading your post and found some suitable ones for vector rails. I think not having to worry about drilling holes in the wrong place on a decent piece of wood is worth the asking price. Plus as you say no mounting hardware on the outside is a bonus too.
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