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PitchMaster - Hinton Instruments
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Author PitchMaster - Hinton Instruments
Anyone using one w/examples??? This module gots me curious in a system with different/multiple oscillators and helping to tune. But wondering how others are using or other applications.

I have one, it's fantastic! No audio examples (yet), though. I mostly use it to control several VCOs, but it can also come in handy if you need an offset for something other than pitch CV. Of course, it could also just work as a set of precision summers if you keep the switches at zero. The Master Tune is very useful to fine tune several VCOs once you have a patch going. The implementation of the semitone functionality is also very clever. All in all, lots of options to create complex CV signals. Even better when combined with a Hinton matrix hihi

Now, I "only" need to perfectly calibrate my VCOs to it Dead Banana

Cheers Guinness ftw!
I use PitchMaster all the time since it was released.
In my system all VCOs are be calibrated with Pitchmaster. There is performance controls for 2 or 3 VCOs like a Minimoog, plus precise semitone steps are available too.
Knob Sum 2.5 +/- semitones is very useful when you working a sound and you let go of your imagination, this fonction is pratical for adjusted with précision alls VCO...
I have a few demos sound but I don't know if it this can be help!

Of course you can use Pitchmaster with your VCF's. oops

Every system should have one! thumbs up
Thanks for the feedback!!! I typically calibrate individual VCOs patched to a sequencer and recall a default 'tuning' sequence from storage memory. I can see offsets coming in handy and the Mater Tune. I should probably just patch my VCOs to the PinMix as a starting point and add Pitchmaster to the foray.
If you have a PinMix, the PitchMaster certainly is a natural pairing for it! I love my PitchMaster / Trimmer / SwitchMix combo, it streamlines any patch and frees up the routing, allowing to manipulate it quickly and easily. I usually patch my pitch CV to the PitchMaster first and then to the SwitchMix (and to the VCOs from there), or to the SwitchMix first and then to the PitchMaster (and on to the VCOs). Depends a bit on where those pitch CVs have to be routed (multed) to and whether I want the PitchMaster switches before or after the routing
I had my eyes on this one too for a while but then the Klavis CalTrans came about and I think that one is better suited for me, does different stuff for sure but I thought it was worth mentioning there's something in the same area of use on the market.
The CalTrans looks really nice after watching the demo videos!!! I can see that coming in handy in a normal sized case or smaller skiff friendly setup. I'm going to see if I can score a PitchMaster for my larger setup for now and go from there.
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