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Benefits of a Unity Gain Mixer?
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Author Benefits of a Unity Gain Mixer?
Curious of opinions on the benefits of using a unity gain mixer. It seems as if I was to use one to mix CV as it seems the most useful for, it could easily increase the output voltage to higher than ideal. Like (3) inputs at 5v takes it up to 15v... ? Would an averaging mixer server the same purpose or using a mixer with attenuation or attenuverter help to keep the voltage levels from getting to high? Is there a benefit to unity gain mixers to mix CV other than saving HP?
If you're doing some kinds of melodic and transposition effects on pitch CVs, then you want the gain to be unity as exactly as possible so that the pitches will stay in scale. Voltages adding up to too much isn't such an issue in that application because you're normally adding voltages that are small anyway; a melodic transposition might be just a faction of a volt. On a mixer with adjustable levels, it may not be easy to dial in exactly unity gain even though the mixer is capable of doing it; having one that's fixed to unity gain (like the one I sell...) and doesn't need adjusting during patching, may be an advantage.
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