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200e recording + picture
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Author 200e recording + picture
dear people

hi, been really good for me lurking around here, thanks. now i might come out of the bushes.

here a recent recording made entirely on my [/s]200e in one take, some reverb is added to place it in a room. klangs-4-6

hope you enjoy, thanks for listening


Nice Shot!
cool t×××
That's a unique layout. Just goes to show how everyone's workflow is different! I also like that you are bucking the convention a bit. smile
wasn't aware this was that awkward.. but went to switch to a more self patch cable arranging layout after this picture was made. now having almost all mainly cv producing modules quite together rather than spread. seems stranger to me but works nice!
Insofar as minimization of cable lengths is desired, audio flows from bottom to top and CV flows from left to right. Arranging your modules accordingly should result in shorter cables. Short cable runs greatly facilitate patch debugging.

I am a strong believer in CV processing module(s) between 281e and 292e rather than the use of shorting bars there. This could be a matter of 200e vs 200. The 200e is much brighter, especially when full scale CV is run on the 292e.
i like the concept of placing inputs and outputs in a systematic manner inside the modules but of course this comes with limitations. if only the cables would need to go in one direction only.. so my goal is to achieve an arrangement where i don't give myself too much hints on how to patch while still allowing short cables for common connections and configurations. at the same time i need the modules to be accessible for interaction even when a lot of cables are patched as in the patch above (which is the patch used for the recording btw). with the layout i have now i can use connections with short cables to bundle others when i work with fixed patches much better than with the previous layout.

after the 2nd picture i posted happened i changed the position of the 252e with the lower pair of 281e/292e. for both shorter cables and better accessibility of the 252e, which unfortunately cannot be startet remotely except for midi.
and then there's the third criterium because of which 291e and 285e now swapped their location, the lockups.. (do you think bus repeaters would cure these?)

and i get your point on cv processors between envelope generators and LPGs but i find myself using the velocity inlets extensively with all sorts of cv, indeed mostly through the 256e.

trrrrrrrrrr plk!
Patch cables seem to fall onto the screen of my 252e a lot. I'm tempted to put it in the top boat of my 24U, even though it would be hard to use there.
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