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Ripples vs doepfer a-120
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Author Ripples vs doepfer a-120
Rui Miguel
Need your help please: 
Ripples or doepfer a-120? 
Any good advice?
Thank you
They are both different filter designs.

Ripples = OTA circuit (Think Roland sound)
A-120 = Transistor Ladder (Think Moog sound)

Advice will really come down to the type of filter that a person likes best, and your probably the best person to decide that thumbs up

I will say that Ripples is handy in that it has a VCA built into it's 4 pole output.
I have both, and like em both in their own way.

Thoughts: ripples edges it in a smaller system imo, because you can choose ( or mix) lp4, lp2 or bp2 modes. It has cv over res, and the Vca on the 4 pole out.

But the 120 has lovely overdrive and 3 cv ins for complex modulation.

If you have space and budget, get both *meme*

If you only have space for one, ripples.

But ideally, hear both and choose the one you prefer sonically.
Ripples and A-120 haven't the same design nor the same purpose.
The first one, the Ripples, is multimode and wants to be pretty handy. A good choice.
But i prefer the A-120. It looks more basic at first glance but it has a sound solid as a rock and 3 inputs for modulations. Those 3 inputs make it a winner. Think it as a sonic acrobat.
Happiness Forever
third thread, same answers, different players. when will the same answers suffice? zombie
Have you considered the A-121-3? It just came out - 4hp and multimode.
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