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Qu-bit EON vs 2hp Sines vs 2hp VCO
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Author Qu-bit EON vs 2hp Sines vs 2hp VCO
Looking for some feedback on these three units, as I need to purchase one.

I have 3 Distings in my rack, but am realizing that I tend to use one of them almost exclusively as a VCO, and another one as a delay.

Consequently, I would like to replace one with some kind of 2hp VCO, so that I can squeeze in a 2hp Delay, and free up one of my other Distings for more utilitarian purposes.

Which of these 3 VCOs would you say provides the best balance in terms of sound and functionality? I'm leaning towards the Sines and Eon, since I already have 2 other analog VCOs in my rack, though I've read good things about the 2hp VCO.

It seems like Sines has some cool options to really play with the tone of the oscillator, but EON seems like it has a lot of tricks up its sleeve...

Thanks for any advice!
Replacing a Disting because it's too big and doesn't give you enough functionality is peak, uh... "micro-ism" eek!

Honestly, Disting is a surprisingly respectable VCO and it's also a good delay. I think this move would be more of a sacrifice than a gain.

Judgement aside:

I've owned EON and found it unstable and dirty -- almost in a good way but less interesting than some others (Kermit for instance).

The tuning on mine was weird. The quantizer was completely wrong; I sent it in to be repaired/calibrated/updated/whatever and it came back... slightly less wrong. I gave up on it.

My favorite use of it was as an extra envelope, or doubling up with other square waves (like from the 0-Coast I had at the time or the Doepfer PLL) where the dirtiness was an advantage.

If I had to choose one of those three at gunpoint, it'd be the Sine.

But honestly, even if I were building a lunchbox modular to travel with or play with on the couch, I'd at least spring for an Godspeed+ or an Instruo Ts-L. (...or I'd go with an 0-Coast or a Digitone or something.)
Thanks starthief — that's helpful to know.

Regardless of your judgement, I am indeed going a little "micro." For now, I refuse to grow beyond my 7u 104hp case. I already have to schlep too much gear, and the last thing I need is another extra thing to carry around. Already have an 0-Coast as well.

I'm not happy about trading out the Disting, but the set requires what it requires, and it's really about what gets the job done in the least amount of space with the least amount of cartage.
starthief wrote:

I've owned EON and found it unstable and dirty -- almost in a good way but less interesting than some others (Kermit for instance).

However, replacing the EONs firmware with the QAO firmware turned it from "not worthwhile" to "actually useful".

Full disclosure: I wrote the QAO firmware.

= Bill
If I remember right, I sold my EON about a month before you first posted about QAO d'oh!
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