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SAW Drum Machines, bass sound
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Author SAW Drum Machines, bass sound
I recognise the sound of the tr808 and 606, but does anyone know what else he’s using?
Particularly for the kick on Ageopolis, and the glitchy/stutter at 20:11

Then there’s the high pitched drum hit that comes in at 25:23 on blue calx

While we’re at it, how does he get that ultra deep bass sound on We Are The Music Makers? Is that just a basic sine wave that’s been heavily processed? Is he using reverb on the bass to fill things out a bit in the low end (not just in that track, but the rest of the album)?

The whole album seems so sparse and minimal, yet at the same time, complex and spacious. Whenever I try to replicate this my mixes sound empty and vacuous, like crappy backing tracks.
Roland R-8 with the electronic card and breakbeats are most, if not all of the drums.
Michael O.
I’d bet that the bass sound on WAtMM is a simple patch from an fm synth, without any sort of unusual processing going on. RDJ was definitely using a lot of fm sounds in this era of Aphex/AFX albums.

The high pitched tom-like drum on Green Calx sounds like a typical Simmons style drum, but is simple enough that it could’ve been patched on a basic analog monosynth.

For drums in general in this era I believe he had a Studio 440 (still one of my favorite samplers) in addition to the usual Roland suspects. Also there seems to be a liberal amount of Alesis-style verb on many of the instruments throughout the album.

The magic in this album, like so many others, is in the thoughtful arrangements and creative use of the relatively basic tools he had on hand rather than anything particularly unusual or outré.
authorless wrote:
Roland R-8 with the electronic card and breakbeats are most, if not all of the drums.

This would be my thought as well (or the mk2 that has most of the x0x sounds builtin).

People underestimate that drummer, if you have a really good 606 or 808 or 909 maybe it's slightly better, but I was able to get some nice sounds out of my R8 mk2, and variations and pseudo p-locks (or at least recording your wiggles on the data entry slider) was way ahead of it's time.

I sold my mk2 because I got the RYTM and I really enjoy the visual entry on it, but if you're a left brain kind of guy like RDJ (mc202 also falls in this category) the R8 can get really intricate patterns going).

Not that you care, but I felt like I *could* use piece of paper and design intricate patterns with both the R8, and the mc202 I had, but I traded up to a RYTM and Manther, because my music making time is limited and you can tap out beats way faster on the modern boxes. Different strokes, and with unlimited space I'd have one of nearly everything.
authorless wrote:
Roland R-8 with the electronic card and breakbeats are most, if not all of the drums.

808 . 101 . FZ1 . Alesis reverb.

Off topic, for intricate R8 programming.. see Anthony Manning 'Islets in Pink Polypropylene' !
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