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After a while some modules stop drawing power?
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Author After a while some modules stop drawing power?
Hello Wigglers,

I have been a silent observer and reader for a while now.

But I have a problem... ;( After a while playing, The Shapeshifter and sometimes the Valhalla Z-DSP simply go black. They work after I turn off and on. Really strange as it seems I have amply power.

Can anyone tell me what it is I am undoubtedly doing wrong?

I have a Pittsburg Move208 with Total Power Output: +12v @ 2A, -12v @ 2A, and +5v @600mA

This is my rack. Exactly like this and in the same order,
edit; Power Consumption: 1199 mA +12V | 383 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V | Depth: 59 mm | Price: €3.338 | Number of Modules: 16

we're not worthy Thanks in advance
What kind of power buss? If digital modules don't get clean power, they might go nuts once in a while.
Dave Peck
when both of these modules stop working, does it happen at exactly the same time? Or are the failure times of each module independent?

Also, doesn't this setup use an external AC power adapter? So the internal power supplies are not connected to AC power, they are just converting/regulating 12V DC from the external 'brick'? If so, what is the external AC power adapter and what are it's specs?
@ Jorg; Pittsburg Modular 208 DC Power Rail Rev 3 - Thats what it says.

@Dave Peck; It always happens at the same time. The powerbrick that came with it looks non original but maybe it is; ACDC switching adapter,
INPUT; 100 - 240 VAC 50 /60hz 1.4-0.7 A
OUTPUT 15V -- 4.0A 60 W MAX

I have noticed now as well that the powerbrick is easily pulled out the case, So maybe its bad connection sometimes. running some test now edit; Definitely not it
Dave Peck
The fact that both of these modules fail simultaneously indicates that the problem is pretty certain to be in your power system, not in the two modules.

The Pittsburg site says the external power supply they provide with the Move 208 is a 12V 5A AC supply, and your is a 15V 4A supply.

Check near the bottom of this link:

The regulating circuits on the cabinet's internal buss boards MIGHT convert that 15V AC voltage to the required DC voltages just fine. They might not. I think you need to measure the +12, -12 and +5 voltages on one of the output ribbon connectors on your internal buss boards (while all modules are running) and see what you are really sending to all of your modules....

EDIT - you said the external brick you are using is AC in, DC out??

The Pittsburg site says you should use a 15V AC output external supply. Not a DC output supply. Yikes!

Can you post a large, clear photo of the label that is on the external brick power supply?
Here you go. Thanks for looking into this. Seller said it was fine... wink[/img]
I do think now the brick is just not meant to power this case. What a shame indeed! Now where does on find a proper adapter? wink I could check with Pittsburgh
Wait a minute! Seller even got the name wrong! I thougth I had a PB Move 208 in wooden finish... But it's obviously the

Cant believe my stupidity!
Dave Peck
Surkit wrote:
I do think now the brick is just not meant to power this case. What a shame indeed! Now where does on find a proper adapter? wink I could check with Pittsburgh

Here in the U.S., an easy way to find items like this is to search at online electronic distributors like Digikey and Mouser. I know there are equivalent distributors in the EU but I don't have experience with them so I cannot give a specific recommendation.

I would advise against general-purpose online retailers like Amazon for items like this. You want a legitimate electronic component distributor that gives full technical specifications for their products.
Reading up on another thread I stumbled upon some info. I think i'll have to get in touch with Pittsburgh I'm afraid. BTW It IS the Move 208 in wood, I think


Thanks for the help though!
Dave Peck
(delete - some incorrect info)
Took it up with Pittsburgh well documented, Ill keep you and this thread posted for future reference.

Edit; Thank you

First of all, the costumer support at Pittsburgh is amazing. i immedeatly got a clear answer.

Their answer:
... ok. that sounds like a heat issue- and you'll need to add a heatsink to the +12V regulator. Also- avoid putting hot digital modules directly above the +12v regulator. This would reduce issues- but not 100% eliminate. Ultimately the Move 208 you have was discontinued in 2015 and we introduced the Structure line with a much much more robust PSU as a reaction the the growing demands digital modules were exerting on PSUs.

Probably i might sell this case. It's not a faulty unit but they are just pre-digital modules era, I understand. Thinking of changing to a 7U case wink

I post this here for knowledge smile
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