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ES-8 + ES-6 + ES-3
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Author ES-8 + ES-6 + ES-3
Hello, I've been grateful for the help on this thread before, so here goes one more question.

I have an ES-8, an ES-6 and recently got an ES-3. My hope is to get 10 ins and 16 outs. The ES-8 and ES-6 work fine, as I have the ribbon cable connected in back and the Toslink optical cable linking the two together in front. I have another optical cable linking the ES-8 to the ES-3, but can't seem to get anything out of ES-3. Using Ableton Live and the new CV tools pack.

Is there a ribbon cable in back that I need to hook in to the ES-8 from the ES-3? I should mention that the LEDs on the ES-3 are ON, after I connect the optical cable from ES-8 to ES-3.

Many thanks in advance ---
There's no ribbon cable. Just an ADAT cable from the ES-8 to the ES-3.

All ES-3 LEDs should be off until you insert the ADAT cable, then the big LED at the top should light. The socket LEDs should only light if there's a signal, same as the ES-8.
Thanks — I’ll try again today or tomorrow to get the ES-3 outputs working. Could be something I overlooked on my end!
Check your audio interface setup. You may need to enable the extra channels
Checked a few things, it all works exactly right! Thank you so much.

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