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Sequencing with Logic
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Author Sequencing with Logic
Hi all,

I'm trying to organize, compose (or to sequence if you will) with logic.

Recently I got the Joranalogue Window Comparator, feeding a slow LFO (a couple of minutes cylce time) to it and extracting the gates. It's fun in combination with Logic modules.

I was wondering if someone has some ideas / suggestions / experiences regarding this topic.
Yeah, I've used logic a fair bit to get rhythmical trigger patterns that I use to drive sequencers. My issue is that I'm too stupid to figure out how to do it in a controlled manner so it's pure hit and miss for me which I don't really like. For that reason I tend to use euclidean rhythm generators more than logic based patterns. And when I have several going I might mult and send them to my logic module. Often I get something out of that.
Most recent use in active duty of a comparator for me was having one voice come in when the other was quiet:

Envelope for voice 1 multed to comparator
NOT Gate out from comparator to ASR envelope

The attack and release of the second envelope provides a bit of crossfade between the voices. Pretty simple patch, but useful because it's able to accommodate randomly changing cycle times.

Edit: There's this too, but be warned - it's pretty advanced stuff (at least I still struggle to get my head around it).

These are tending more towards comparators than logic, but their outputs are true/false, so they kinda fall into that functionality. They're next to each other in my rack anyway. w00t
The last months I sequenced mostly with a BSP but it feels kind of limited, I also had a Nerdseq and it's a real beast. But I am working the whole day with spreadsheets so I quickly got bored to edit the tables.

The video is very interesting, also the sequencing with lfo's.

I remember I watch the LFO Video a couple of months ago, when I started with Eurorack, but I didn't understand and forgot about it. It's time to get a proper S&H Module smile

With the Comparators, I think he is using the gates to add voltages to an common output and controls the switch matrix i.e:

1 gate high = 2 V, 2 gates high = 4 V

It's very neat, I think I can use this somehow to control the scales with my quantizer.
Yeah, it's a kind of CV-addressable shift register patch. Summing the gates is a neat trick, and you could use it to drive other things like an addressable sequencer. And you could use logic outputs instead of comparator outputs, or anything else that produces gates from an input voltage. You could even put those summed gates directly through a quantizer to create a sequence...

(Addressable shift register... Does such a thing exist?)
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