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Unfiltered Audio LION - Synthetizer
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Author Unfiltered Audio LION - Synthetizer
No thread about this synth yet ? Let's start one and discuss it if you don't mind !

I expect it to be a little sort' modular beast !

As a owner of UA every other product I'm just a bit worried about how Plugin Alliance business model is turning right now.
beta testing this a while now and really digging it. it's full of surprises. all the parts of it are so nicely integrated. it's creative and inspiring to use. it sounds great.

it's fast to use as well. i got sucked into some really long sessions w/it making presets and it excels at cinematic atmospheres and lushness of all kinds. made some really subtle ambient things that are just sweet to listen to. i let them loop and drift off. it can also be quite fat and aggressive and outright rude. last night i made a really traditional sounding melodic synth patch with all kinds of runs all over. i'm curious to hear how other people are using it. it can do so much.

there's a kvr thread w/a lot of specifics about it on this page:

it's different too.. unique really. the mixer section and several oscillator models make for a huge sonic palette.

i guess the demo is coming soon from plug in alliance but it's not scheduled to release until august or something?
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