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Request - FH-2 - Add MIDI Thru to MIDI DIN Out
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Author Request - FH-2 - Add MIDI Thru to MIDI DIN Out
I'm wondering if it would be useful to others to have USB->DIN MIDI Thru on the FH-2.

This could also enable direct connection between Disting & FH-2 via the breakout pins, allowing activity at the FH-2 MIDI input to be forwarded to the Disting.

One could then map some portion of a USB controller to some controls to the FH-2, whiie forwarding to handle the remainder via DIN breakout.

Could this be possible in a future firmware? Taken one step further, a control panel could provide options to disable/enable any combination of the 16 MIDI channels forwarded to the DIN output for added utility.

Yes, it's possible. Thanks for the suggestion.
Related: how about supporting DIN IN to DIN OUT forwarding, so with the DIN expander one can effectively have a traditional DIN IN and THRU port?
You know, that's exactly what I thought danpisarcik was asking for.

Now I see he's asking for what's already there - USB->DIN forwarding is already implemented.
Apologies, I failed to use good search terms the first go around. MIDI forwarding is now working well. Thanks much.

Hope the DIN -> DIN idea that came about is also useful, as some small consolation.
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