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What's on your waiting list?
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Author What's on your waiting list?
Buying a house. I mean a Synthi.
Sounds From The Shed
red wrote:

Erica Synths:
1x Pico DRUM 2
1x Black Spring Reverb
1x Black Input
1x Black Sequencer
1x Black CV Processor

Gamechanger Audio:
1x Motor Synth

Pittsburgh Modular:
1x Voltage Research Laboratory Organic Modular Synthesizer

Looking forward to all these new toys!

What's on your waiting list?

That's a ton of gear to add to what you already have, any sound demos of all this stuff in action, I'd love to here them thumbs up

Just ordered an mki from ms tokyo
K-board pro 4 & fh-2 hyper
i cant wait to get that natural gate delivered from the patch that is getting finished at the moment and for hexinverter to release that mindphaser =)

and since i recently saw that RML Hyde EFCcv Combo .... i need that thing in my life.
(no i have NOT enough distortions and filters already .... xD)

Have a LinnStrument currently in transit.
Behringer 2600 clone, that’s it.
bought a mutable instruments shruthi from in original case
Definitely have a Matriarch on pre-order.

Put myself on the Pulsar-23 waitlist, more likely to happen than not.

Will eventually find my way into more Eurorack to link/use with both.
Sounds From The Shed wrote:

That's a ton of gear to add to what you already have, any sound demos of all this stuff in action, I'd love to here them thumbs up

Well, you're right - I have a well-equipped studio!
Exploring new sounds, noise, sometimes melodies... I'm looking often - and with big enthusiasm - for new gear! In the past 35 years it happens that some of these researches and playing activities resulted in some tracks or even produced audio recordings... - a lot of own projects (Yucca Tree Records) or as a contributor to other ones... Today I've no actual recordings - so no, I can't provide any "demos".

red wrote:

Pittsburgh Modular:
1x Voltage Research Laboratory Organic Modular Synthesizer

Space Case TE-1, then Jim emailed me about it being discontinued, only to be replaced by what we now know as TE-2. I am (patient) first batch buyer... When Summer ends or whenever I receive it, I'm gonna get my Manuel Göttsching, and then some(!) on!

In the meantime, I have Maxon AD-999 Pro, Moogerfooger MF-104M standard, MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe, and the always delightful BOSS DD-20 Giga Delay. Different flavors of echo pedals to hold me over for the über complimentary TE-2.

I might have been the one to send Jim into redesigning the Space Case... Modular dB levels... That sent him into sequencer land, which, in short, birthed a most inspired instrument. Jim is an awesome individual. I am excited not only to receive a small piece of his visionary proof, but for his future as well... Dude has his matter in order, for sure.
These lists are fun to read. I am also building up the microphone locker and acquiring a few sub Mixers so instrumentalists can commit, summing to create respective Bus Sends to the main Mixing Console. Grand piano, modular synth,keyboards, drums, bass and guitar amplifiers and room all need to be mic'd.

Sennheiser e906, MD-421 II
Shure SM81
Behringer B-2

Quantities of are next...
I'm actually pretty well set and my studio fairly full but I'm actually waiting on a few behringer clones. I want the system 100m, arp 2600 and pro one clones.
Polyend Medusa
Drolo Molecular disruptor
DSI Tempest
Bastl Bitranger as soon as.
On The waiting list for Pulsar 23
But last weekend I played a friend’s DFAM and fell in love instantly.
Then there’s the Blackbox 1010 which I can’t keep my eyes off

I’ve got a roving eye, some of my other synths and drum machines are getting suspicious.
MN Mimeophon on pre order.

Akai MPC X wid the luvverly CV outs....

I ordered a Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Voltage Research Laboratory on there Kickstarter. Pins and needles, pins and needles, my friends.
Nothing. Kind of nice but a bit boring too. I like to have some kickstarter thing six months away so that I have ample time to forget it and remember it again several times. grin
Behringer Crave; at 150€ will be a really nice addition to my setup. Patching being same as Mother 32 will make a nice combo with DFAM I already own.
Also will be nice to have different oscillators/filters. I already have moog oscillators/filters in DFAM.
Also waiting for Black friday to either add Digitakt or TR8S. I am more into TR8S at the moment.

Row Power 40
WMD SSM Expand


Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay

Since watching the demo I've been experimenting more with the delays I already own, so it may be unnecessary.
(Or a nerdseq)
Vcf 74

A girl waah
Obviously (like everyone here), a Pulsar 23

Chase Bliss "Blooper" (when and if released - hopefully, by the end of this year)

1010 Music Blackbox Sampling Studio

And, finally, 4ms Spherical Wavetable (the thing sounds insane!)

But due to $$$, will have to cut something or other.....probably, just get the pedal....haha
I have a number of things pre-ordered, that I am having to distract myself from thinking about:

Schlappi 100 Grit
QuBit Bloom
GameChanger Motorsynth

That being said, I am also out of spending money for the moment. Whenever I have some more cash to burn, I really want to figure out a way to make a black panel for the Humble Audio Quad Operator. I've been wanting a solid CV-able FM voice for a long time, but I'm not dropping money on something that isn't (or can't be made) black.

I also want to upgrade my monitors to Barefoot Footprint 01s, but that requires a serious chunk of pocket money.
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