What's on your waiting list?

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What's on your waiting list?

Post by red » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:14 am


Erica Synths:
1x Pico DRUM 2
1x Black Spring Reverb
1x Black Input
1x Black Sequencer
1x Black CV Processor

Gamechanger Audio:
1x Motor Synth

Pittsburgh Modular:
1x Voltage Research Laboratory Organic Modular Synthesizer


Looking forward to all these new toys!

What's on your waiting list?

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Post by david_r » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:17 am

SP 2400

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Post by Red Electric Rainbow » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:19 am

all the behringer stuff thats not out yet

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Post by Faustgeist » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:51 am

Dreadbox NYX v2

SOMA Pulsar-23

Seeking the esoteric and funky in 5U/COTK/MOTM and MODCAN B, send me a message if you are selling gear and thanks!

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Post by chvad » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:23 am

Pulsar 23 (#108 on the list! lol)
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Post by Slothrop » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:53 am

I'm currently watching a VFE Klein Bottle (multi-channel mixer / feedback-looper pedal) that's making slow progress through the US Postal Service, with an exciting stint in UK Customs to look forward to as well.

Also wondering about a moderately-priced digital delay pedal to plug into it.

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Re: What's on your waiting list?

Post by Jason Brock » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:49 pm

red wrote:What's on your waiting list?
Malekko Ekko 919 delay pedal.

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Post by calaveras » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:12 pm

waiting for my finances to recover from the OB6 and Blofeld keyboard.

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Post by Gribs » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:29 pm


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Post by hemeroscopium » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:10 pm

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Post by slicetwo » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:44 pm

iPad apps. There aren't really any synths or hardware that I'm lusting over. I'm pretty content with what I currently have. I am, however, loving my iPad and would like to keep loading it up with useful stuff.

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Post by jdaddyaz » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:48 pm

I've got some crypto that I'm sitting on until the Pulsar get's released. Hopefully.
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Post by feox » Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:05 pm

Just looked briefly at the Motor Synth... I want it now. Guess I'll add it to the never ending wishlist of mine.

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Post by Nightly Closures » Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:04 pm

A Quadrax. Feeling Pretty GAS free and have been for a second. Btw, it feels great!

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Post by cloudscapes » Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:46 pm

Deckard's Dream kit

Already got the savings. Waiting 'till I stop hesitating and just cave and go for it.

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Post by tobb » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:14 pm

Shear Electronics Relic-6 :(

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Post by Joe. » Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:56 am

LZX Industries Triple Video Fader & Key Generator.

And it can stay on my waiting list forever, because it will start an LZX journey i cant really afford to make.

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Post by nectarios » Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:16 am

Ordered and coming in the next few days (fingers crossed).

Euro: Ritual Electronics Crime + ALM Beast's Chalkboard

Non euro: Minilogue xd

Not immediate future: Behringer stuff after it comes out and I see that its working fine. Defo the BARP2600, as the ARP2600 is one of my dream synths...probably a drum machine too, will wait for the RD-909 before getting the RD-808. Not rushing to get those of course as they won't be out before 2020.

I have everything I need in the studio anyway, so I am just going to satisfy some old dreams of vintage stuff that costs insane money on second hand market, by buying the cheap Behringer versions that add enough MIDI control to make them more handy in the studio and possible live stage too.

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Post by cptnal » Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:27 am

Red Electric Rainbow wrote:all the behringer stuff thats not out yet
All of it? :woah:

I just got a WMD Switch Matrix, so the expander is very much on my radar.

Also got the serious GAS for Erica Synth's Black Delay. :hyper:
Is it finished?
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Post by tehyar » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:56 am


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Post by Shledge » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:58 am

Another Stages. Juno sent a Marbles by mistake. :doh:

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Post by TRUE DEEP » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:18 am

-Empress Effects ZOIA
-Vermona qMI2
-Elysia karacter 500 series module
And another FMR Audio RNC 1773 but the list goes on and on and on ...

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Post by SweetNuthin » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:21 am

Soma Dvina

Black Corporation Xerxes

Gretsch Country Gentleman

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Post by motorhead412 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:33 pm

SOMA Ether

a used Epoch Twinpeak to appear on Reverb

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Post by red » Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:17 pm

Interesting to read all the lists

SOMA seems to be represented well - and a lot of less known gear on the individual lists...

My large list was the result of Superbooth 2019... so think twice about a future visit!


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