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Serge comparator window patch possibility
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Author Serge comparator window patch possibility
Is there any way I can turn a single Serge comparator into a window comparator? With the help of mixers,adding, subtracting maybe? Is there a snazzy trick to make this possible?
Set your low value and high value on two different comparators, then send the low value and the logic inversion of the high value to an AND gate.

On a single comparator, I don't think it's possible as a window needs two threshold values. One comparator would be like a single runged ladder, i.e. not a ladder.
Yeh great thanks for that
Is there any way to use a triple comparator to trigger on 3 bands of control voltages . say 0-1v, 1v-3v, 3v and over? Using logic gates?
Oh yeh
I believe so - you need 2 AND gates for the bottom 2 bands right? And multi obviously!
Yeah, the first and last are easy to do, then I guess you could do some smart logic stuff with those two to get the middle (1-3V).

Set one comp to 1v then invert this output with a NOT gate. It will only be on when the voltage is below 1v.

Another comparator just needs to be set to 3v and once a voltage goes above that value it will be on.

You can then take the regular output of the 1v comparator and the inversion 3v comparator to an AND gate and you have your 3 windows.
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