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es-8 monitoring options
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Author es-8 monitoring options
Brand new to the world of ES and I'm very excited! Before my es-8 arrives I am trying to figure out what the set up will look like. I'm confused about how monitoring will work.. since I am on a Mac and have a Komplete Audio 6 (no adat) I envision 3 options:
1. Use an audio output of the es-8 to monitor, but since these are mono outputs I wouldn't be able to monitor more than one channel right? If the output is at modular level (really hot) is it even safe to plug headphones in?
2. Create an aggregate device and monitor through the Komplete Audio 6
3. Route Ableton's main out to the headphone jack.

Is there anything I'm missing? Is there a preferred option? I would like to avoid using the es-8 outs but that one sounds like the least set up.. even though it's mono

thanks for your suggestions
I would create an Aggregate and use the Komplete for monitoring.

Don't plug headphones directly into the ES-8. You can connect it directly to monitor speakers though.
Ok I will try that out. So in Ableton the channel monitor is set to `Off` and I route the channel through to main outs? Is this direct or technically software monitoring? Will I have to use midi clock delay on the interface to achieve tight sync, or driver error compensation? If anyone has direct experience with this set up I'd really appreciate your input
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