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Synth party tonight (11/19) in NYC
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Author Synth party tonight (11/19) in NYC
Leisure Cove
I saw this on the Doepfer list and thought it would be neighborly to pass it along:

I'm [Nicholas Kent] doing a modular synth demo talk thing about Modular synths in general using a Doepfer system.

I'm aiming this at a beginning level though I'll hopefully have some good tips for people with a bit of experience too.

WEDNESDAY, Nov 19th, 9:35 pm (length around 40 minutes) @ Botanica Bar 47 E. Houston Street NYC 10012 (Basement between Mulberry St & Mott St)

live acts in 2 rooms from 8:30 to at least 1am
Dammit I wish I was up in NYC today. Sounds like fun.
Is there anything like this ever in LA? I wanna see some live patching! w00t Guinness ftw!
Yeah... dammit.. Redneck There's never a bad time to be in NYC; but once again, I'm not there at this time... fark... Bop!
Suburban Bather
Crap!!! I'm about 4-5 hours(driving distance) away from NYC. I wish this event was happening during my week off. Anything similar going on the first week of Dec?
I've played at a Warper Party once - they're great!
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