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[ORDER] Triple Function Generator project
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Author [ORDER] Triple Function Generator project
The Triple Function Generator Project

This module is based on schematics by D.Sandin & L.Larsen
I picked up this project because the pcb’s are not available anymore.
The Function Generator is a very useful module to have in a (DIY) video setup.
You can adjust the “Lights” , “Mids” and “Darks” in the input signal.
Effectively it works a bit like an equalizer, but you can also go negative. This will get you solarised effects.

I setup the design to work as a triple colorizer, as the Cadet system has black & white video input.
With this module, you can easily recolor the incoming images.
The inputs can be normalled together to achieve this. (there are connection pads on the pcb’s)
Feedbacking this and through module will also give cool results! — hint: more on this later

pcb & panel images:

more info:

Prices: (ex shipping) - note: I've ordered more pcb's. the initial 7 sets are spoken for.
Full PCB SET (3x PCB + Panel) : 48,- euro
Single PCB (1x PCB): 12,- euro
Full kit: 110,- euro
Build unit: I might do one. PM me

Flat rate shipping is 9,- euro for EU and international, 6,- euro for NL

Please reply with what you want to order.
(not on both forums please; I'll add you there for clarity)
I’ll make a list.

1: TomTones - 3x pcb's , no panel
2: pathein - Full PCB set
I would like 3x PCB thanks
will like to get 1x full pcb set, thanks
The new panels are almost here.
When all is ready, I'll contact you all!
i thought I had replied previously? but if not, I'm in for a full set. thx!
you replied on the LZX forum smile
payment messages are send!
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