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Mixing 4u Serge - randomsource, loudest warning, STS, etc
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Author Mixing 4u Serge - randomsource, loudest warning, STS, etc
Interested in Adding some LW 4u to my current randomsource 4u (4x4) setup.

Are there any differences or calibration differences in regards to what’s coming in/ going out of bananas on 4u of these different manufacturers?
i mixed all those perfectly, no differences at all. Only LW needs LW boats. RS and STS are boat compatible. You have to mind the power connectors for your defined power supply. I use the Konstant Lab CIHLA. It has XLR sockets so all my boats are powered using XLR male connectors coming from the distribution boards.
At the bananas it's fine.

Power connectors and physical mounting where you need to do some work. I ended up doing my own power wiring and using wood rails for this little guy. As you can see the panels are not the same height and the screws are along a different line:

fwiw, I've been working a lot lately with a CGS BOG and R*S Edelweiss without calibration issues.

to that end, I figured this might be the most recently updated and relevant thread to share some compositions recorded using the aforementioned two-panel system. perhaps they'll be of interest to some of you here:
I've also mounted some CGS modules in panels that fit R*S 4x4 boats. Just made sure the power matched the R*S distro board.

I really wish R*S 4x4 fit in LW boats

They work very well together
There's mixing within the same boats and mixing in your studio.

STS and Random*Source work off of 12v power rails.
Many CGS panels can be set up for 12v or 15v rails; you'll want to confirm that whatever you buy will work with your power supply.

Ditto for Stroh, whom I think defaults to 15v, but produces 12v modules on request - I'm powering my Stroh modules off of a Konstant Labs PSU designed for Serge. I mention Stroh because the bad producer sells Stroh modules in Loudest Warning format.

Lastly, you'll need to consider output voltages. STS and R*S voltages are mostly 0 to +5v unipolar and -2.5 to +2.5v bipolar. Some of my Stroh modules were customized to work within these ranges (the sequencer, eg - I find 10v to be way too much for my musical uses), but not all of them are. The oscillators, IIRC, output 0 to +10v unipolar and -5v to +5v bipolar, in line with common Eurorack, Frac, 5u, etc standards. There's nothing implicitly bad about this, but be aware that your modules may interact differently when you introduce them to an STS/R*S environment. I've been considering a module to step voltages up or down to make my Serge-related modules and Stroh/BugBrand modules play even more nicely together.

I have a nicely mixed assortment of modules, and they are a joy to use together.
I just picked up an STS Animate panel, and I'm considering picking up a R*S XL boat so I can add a couple of their 4x4 panels. Not really sure how to work the power supply for this, given the different connectors.

Was looking at the R*S power supplies; but not really sure how they'd work with the STS panel, if there's an adapter available or if I'd have to DIY one. I'd prefer an internal supply, since I'd like this to be as portable as possible, but that only appears to be an option on the smaller boats.

The obvious answer is to DIY something, but I moved recently and most of my gear is still in storage where I cannot get at it, and I'm not really sure I want to trust expensive hardware with my rusty DIY skills.
R*S power supplies work just fine with STS; the parts needed to make an adapter cable are listed in a sticky post in this forum, or you can get someone to make an adaptor for like five bucks and parts. Totally trivial! “Super-easy; barely an inconvenience!”
I don't have an exact time frame, but I'm working on an LW PCB/Module that contains a few static scale, invert, offset channels, as well as two channels of full processing. This will allow typical multi-format (Euro/5U/Frac/etc.) voltages to work with Buchla and Serge very easily. The schematic is almost done, but it may be just a bit before I'm able to prototype it.
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