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Mixing 4u Serge - randomsource, loudest warning, STS, etc
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Author Mixing 4u Serge - randomsource, loudest warning, STS, etc
Interested in Adding some LW 4u to my current randomsource 4u (4x4) setup.

Are there any differences or calibration differences in regards to what’s coming in/ going out of bananas on 4u of these different manufacturers?
i mixed all those perfectly, no differences at all. Only LW needs LW boats. RS and STS are boat compatible. You have to mind the power connectors for your defined power supply. I use the Konstant Lab CIHLA. It has XLR sockets so all my boats are powered using XLR male connectors coming from the distribution boards.
At the bananas it's fine.

Power connectors and physical mounting where you need to do some work. I ended up doing my own power wiring and using wood rails for this little guy. As you can see the panels are the same height and the screws are along a different line:

fwiw, I've been working a lot lately with a CGS BOG and R*S Edelweiss without calibration issues.

to that end, I figured this might be the most recently updated and relevant thread to share some compositions recorded using the aforementioned two-panel system. perhaps they'll be of interest to some of you here:
I've also mounted some CGS modules in panels that fit R*S 4x4 boats. Just made sure the power matched the R*S distro board.

I really wish R*S 4x4 fit in LW boats

They work very well together
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