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[Build] Dannysound - Timbre Wavefolder
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Author [Build] Dannysound - Timbre Wavefolder

The Timbre is 6HP Eurorack module based on the wavefolder section of the Buchla 259 oscillator as implemented in the Music Easel.
The wavefolder adds extra harmonics to input signals that have low harmonic content to creating rich and interesting timbres.
Typical input sources to use would be Sine and Triangle waves but you are welcome to try other sources as well!
The Dannysound Timbre adds an extra input to the Buchla design to allow 2 oscillators to drive the wavefolder simultaneously
– this dramatically increases the range of possible tones that can be generated and allows the folder to go wild!

Read more and buy the kit – Here

Build Document – Here

Schematic – Here

    Osc1 / Osc2 Mix – Adjusts mix between oscillator 1 and 2 inputs, also acts as an attenuator if only one of the inputs is used.
    Timbre Control – Adjusts the overall wavefold amount.
    Timbre CV – Bipolar (attenuverter) controls the Timbre CV input.
    Symmetry – Adds an offset to the input so the top half of the wave starts folding earlier.
    Blend – Mixes between the clean and effected sound.
Ins / Outs
    Osc 1 Input
    Osc 2 Input
    Timbre CV Input
    Symmetry CV Input
    Blend CV Input
    Audio Output
is it possible to build the wavefolder with +/-15V?
Yes it should be ok, you definitely won’t break anything. You might need to play around with a few resistor values but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure.
Give it a go and if you run into any problems let me know.
Many thanks!
I built this today, it is a really straightforward and elegant build. The instructions are detailed, almost too detailed when you consider all the pictures of resistor placements. I found that I could place the resistors easily just from the parts list, as everything is beautifully labeled on the boards. This is a 3 board module, with lots of headers between the boards. I did not do either of the mods listed on the last page, but I suspect the two resistor changes to increase the range of modulation and symmetry might be helpful.
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