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Reaktor WinSyn ens for breath controllers
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Author Reaktor WinSyn ens for breath controllers
Hello --

Here are some links for a Reaktor ens that I have been recently working on. It is to be used with a breath or wind controller. This is very much preliminary and experimental work. Much is repetitive or not too useful. It includes a bank that reproduce patches from my previous digitally controlled analog wind synth setup.

With the encouragement of Pedro Eustache and some ideas of my own the original version has been augmented and expanded. It may or may not continue to be so. Please feel free to modify it to your own needs.

The configured controls are pitch/pitch bend, breath pressure on CC2 and Jaw or other pressure to the MIDI modulation wheel. Others may be patched in to suit your needs.

The attached files contail the ens and two docs on how it works and how it may be patched. Also included are patch diagram examples for some of the snapshots.

Questions? OK, enjoy

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