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Using a turntable for productions
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Author Using a turntable for productions
I've been reconfiguring my whole setup lately. I was considering grabbing the Reloop, which is more of a performance oriented turntable, which I've never done before but it looks like a lot of fun... I produce in a DAW, sometimes I sequence, sometimes I sample, sometimes I record live playing synths or my guitar, don't really stick to one technique...

The only synths I've got right now are the Roland SE-02 and TR-8S... I'm a bit confused about the notion of a turntable for performing and how I'd implement it to record in a DAW (Reloop) vs. say a nice sounding turntable, like the Pro-Ject Classic, or a more beginner one like the U-Turn... etc... I've owned two tables in the past just for listening pleasure with my Klipsch.

Anyone here have any experience using them for production? My main interest started with sampling as there's lots of local places that have cheap records, but then I sort of became interested in the performance aspect of what they could do even though I've never done it and don't really see how I'd be able to implement it.

Any recommendations from those of you that have/have used turntables for your productions?
In terms of performance aspect check out this turntable/Arduino setup. r-synth-sequencer/

I mostly use mine as a sampling machine - sample and recycle the elements then use Atlas4 to process all the sample chops and create original drum kits.
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