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New Melisma Module to create MIDI compositions easy!
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Author New Melisma Module to create MIDI compositions easy!
Hi I'm Sandrine from SDS Digital and we just introduced the Accord Melisma Module to the eurorack modular world!

As a bonus use for the Melisma, I have been using it to generate chord sequences and sending that MIDI to the DAW to record those sequences, thus easily creating great sounding compositions from almost random signals (well there is a bit of formatting on the modular end) and it's totally addictive!

It's so much easier than plugging in notes manually, I may never do it again! I just created a chord sequence (8 chords long) as a user list then shifted the root around (in this case with an MI Frames module) so it's rather random. It does act as a foundation though and chords can be changed on the fly etc. even though I didn't here.

A bit of hardware is needed though due to the limitations of the software sequencers if sync is desired. Because virtually no software (I use) can slave to a MIDI clock that software must source the clock to the rack so a MIDI clock module is required. Other than that you're good to go!

Here's a sample of what the Melisma module can generate. Setup for this was 2 minutes but to manually pop in all these notes would be days...
This sample was pure GM MIDI hardware (MIDIplus synth module) but once recorded can be an amazing piano VST of course smile

At this point, once recorded, I would insert strings or dark basslines perhaps and some timpanic builds for this style of music.

For more EDM sounding music the secondary LHAND (and possibly some of the chords) would be handled as an arp sequence, for blues or folk styles the chords would be more get the picture

Just thought I would share this exciting revelation. I will eventually post a video on "recording Melisma to DAW" to demonstrate the possibilities of this method
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