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Bionic Lester mk III: Sound Demos
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Author Bionic Lester mk III: Sound Demos
Bionic Lester Filter Modes Test -mode-test

"Test of Bionic Lester's "other" filter modes. One filter is processing an organ sound from Piston Honda and the other is processing a Hertz Donut. The oscillator controls are not changed at all.
The 6 CV input jacks on the Bionic Lester are assigned to various parameters and modulated by slow-moving LFOs while human hands manipulate the cutoff, resonance, and filter mode controls with an emphasis on highpass and notch filtering."

Bionic Lester III Dynamic Envelope Test namic-envelope-test

"Test of a single 12db section of Bionic Lester mark III in lowpass mode. Two oscillators from Piston Honda III are processed through the filter, whose cutoff frequency is modulated by a velocity-sensitive ADSR envelope from Andore Jr. Envelope curve/time, velocity amount, filter resonance, and oscillator octave/wavetable are occasionally modulated by hand.
The second half of the recording features the saturation/distortion built into the upper range of Lester's gain control."

Test of MK III Preset System (Bionic Lester, Hertz Donut, Piston Honda)

"1x Piston Honda, 1x Hertz Donut each patched into one side of a Bionic Lester MK3.
The preset inputs of all three modules are patched to an attenuated mix of a slow sine LFO and smooth random Wogglebug.
You are listening to the two outputs of the Bionic Lester with some stereo panning.
All modules are in morphing preset mode."
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