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First generation iPad
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Author First generation iPad
Moon Indigo
Hi all. I have been given a first generation iPad (A1219), 16GB. Are there any music related apps I can run on this that is if any use in 2019?

Deciding whether there is any merit in keeping this.

there are a lot, but does Apple still allow them? or older versions at all? They seem to force you to have the latest iOS, which means buying new gear every few years. I have some great apps on OSC, Waldorf... on my early ipads and they work very well, but I doubt you can install/purchase those apps now???
I’ve got an older iPad that is a dedicated music device. Some of the programs won’t work but quite a few will. I’d say it is definitely worth messing with to see what it can do. There are many amazing music apps available.
There's stuff that would run on it, but there's no way to get older versions off the itunes store.

Even Bebot now requires iOS 8
When I was downloading apps it would ask me if I wanted to download an older version that would work on my old iPad. YMMV

EDIT: some apps would not give this option and are simply not available on old hardware
Even if you jailbreak it it might be hard finding the cracked apps. Disposable gadgetry is Apple's main game these days.
Run Lemur on it.
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