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CV Tools question
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Author CV Tools question
I'll be using a Motu Ultralite mk4 to route cv from cv tools. What type of cable do I use? A 1/4 trs to 1/8 ts? Or ts to ts?
Y-type TRS to 2x TS.
Thanks for the response. Also if anyone else is wondering, expert sleepers makes a 1/4trs to 1/8ts cable that works as well. Brilliant little program and once combined with vcv rack, will save me a bunch of money.
Yeah, with that Expert Sleepers cable you won`t have to mess with adapters (I didn`t came across any Y-type 1/4 TRS to 2x1/8 TS cables until now). But keep in mind that the second TS ending will carry a phase inverted copy of your CV signal, which might come in handy. BTW, you can expect aprox. 4.5V of CV coming out of your MOTU, so boosting and attenuverting utility modules are mandatory for the full experience.

There`s no need to use Silent Way with VCV. Just patch your CV to VCV`s audio interface output directly.

All in all, I found the MOTU VCV route way to fiddly and got an ES-3 instead.
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