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Kylarks - travelling with modular synth around the world
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Author Kylarks - travelling with modular synth around the world
We have just started our 7 month travel with my wife - and we took modular synth with us. Plan is to create a blend of music and travel videos on the way. Rough plan is a few days in Dubai; two and half months in Ladakh, India (two months of it volunteering in a small school in the mountains with no internet); few weeks in South East Asia and then three months in New Zealand.

Our first stop was Dubai. We have spent three days there and left it yesterday - to India. We are currently in Leh (it took ages to upload this video:) ).

Any feedback on the format welcomed! (Sorry for the noise in the background, I messed up a bit with recording and found it out only too late.)

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Second travel-music video from our travels with modular synth. We have spent a last few days acclimatising to high Ladakh altitudes in Leh, going for walks around the city and its surrounding. We have also made a day trip to a nearby Hemis Gompa. The song was recorded in our guesthouse room.
Can't wait 'til you get to Bognor Regis!

But seriously, brilliant videos and music.

Together with our friends Víťa and Káťa we went on a trip to a beautiful lake Tso Moriri in Ladakh, India - which is situated at 4 600 meters above sea level. There was a festival in the temple and we did a hike to a nearby mountains.

The song turned out to be a bit dark, however we had a great time!

We are leaving today to a small village Kargyak in Zanskar valley, where we will be volunteering in a school for next two months. And there is no internet - so there will be no more videos until October.

After staying for a month and a half in Zanskar, we moved to Indian state Himachal Pradesh - and spent a week in lush green mountains of Parvati Valley. We made several walks around, bathed in thermal springs and made a two day hike to several waterfalls.

The song was recorded straight from the modular synth next to the Parvati river on a less rainy moment during a rainy day.

New song from a pleasant seaside town Prachuap Khiri Khan in Thailand. Also our first song where we play independently - we managed to find replacement Roland MC-101 for Marťa's broken synth in Bangkok, so now both of us can play again - me on modular synth, she on Roland MC-101 (controlled by Arturia Keystep)

Very nice and inspiring! smile
We tried different workflow than for the last song - Marťa first played a short piano piece - and I tried to do something with it in a modular synth later. Video is composed from different parts of our two weeks stay in Malaysia.

New Zealand is as beautiful as people say so far. After a few days visiting my cousins, we started driving south in our campervan (with Batman painting!) - and made a few hikes to the hills on the way. We tried recording in our music studio on the wheels for the first time - and are quite happy how the song turned out!

Song is played on a modular synth and Roland MC-101, Keystep is a controller.

- bass line: Mutable Instruments Plaits - Erica Pico VCF, sequenced by Steppy and Bastl Popcorn
- "flute-like sound": Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas - Bastl Cinnamon - Erica Pico MOD (sequenced by sample and hold from the Keystep)
- percussions: Kick drum from MI Peaks, 2hp Snare and 2hp Hats, sequenced by MI Grids
- some modulation by Xaoc Batumi and NI Clep Diaz

- Roland MC-101 is playing two voices - the arpreggio played by Keystep and the chords played directly on the MC-101

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