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Godflesh & Helmet
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Author Godflesh & Helmet
I recently made a playlist of Strap it On and Pure and I feel like these two bands somehow really compliment each other in both their similarities and differences. Helmet has more hooks and Godflesh is more experimental without losing listenability. Not sure what they think about each other’s body of work or if this is a commonly held opinion?
I listened to both of them back during that time, was more into Godflesh (since Streetcleaner back @ 1989).....

Godflesh was what lead me into buying my first drum machine in fact... and then it was all downhill from there lol

Never got a chance to catch Godflesh live though but they are still on my radar, even though they don't play too much these days!
I was way more into Godflesh, though this isn't to say I wasn't into Helmet, just didn't spend time with them. I dug their vibe for sure. GF appealed more to my younger, angsty self. Dead Banana

I saw GF live for the first time on their reunion tour, kind of a greatest hits setlist. Worth going to a show to experience GC Green's bass alone, but I'm obsessed with that physicality of sound, how it's experienced with the entire body.
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