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FH-2 Issue using it with FH-1 and FHX-1
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Author FH-2 Issue using it with FH-1 and FHX-1
Hi Os,

I just got the FH-2 and I am trying to use it with an FH-1 and an FHX-1 at the same time.

If I just hook up the FHX-1 to the FH-2 NO problems.

If I leave the FHX-1 hooked to the FH-2 AND hookup (via USB C to A) the FH-1 and change the setting in the FH-2 config for "use FH-1..." from 0 to 1, the FH-1 works great but the FHX-1 no longer gets any midi.

The manual says "The FH-1 takes the place of the first FHX-8CV ('Show FHX8CV Expander Output Configurator 1' in the config tool)." So I assumed that I could then use "Configurator 2" for the FHX-1 but it will not respond.

However, if I change the FH-2 setting for "use FH-1,," back to 0, the FHX-1 now works fine again. I even tried running the FHX-1 from the FH-1 but still to no avail. Am I missing something or is it a one or the other scenario?

Thank you for your time!!

Are you switching the jumper over on the back of the FHX-1 so it knows that it is Expander 2? If you don't change the jumper, the FHX-1 is still listening for the signals intended for expander 1, but it's not getting them (bc they're going to the FH-1). Check out the online manual for the FHX-1. Basically the entirety of the manual is about this exact topic.

Oddly, the manual for the FH-2 appears to make no mention whatsoever of these jumpers (as far as I can tell), but it does link to the expander module manuals online. Perhaps would be helpful to indicate to the reader why they may care to look at those manuals.
Huge thank you! I never even thought of the jumper on the FHX-1. I read the entire FH-2 manual thinking all the relevant information would be there.
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