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FH-2 Constant Problems
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Author FH-2 Constant Problems
I have an FH-2 I've been trying to use with a Macbook Pro Late 2016 with 10.14. I can hook a thunderbolt cable to it and maybe one times in ten the C mode will start. Almost all the time it simply never connects. I've tried lots of different cables including USB-C, Thunderbolt, Powered and unpowered USB hubs with a USB-A to C cable and most of the time I simply can't use the device.

When I occasionally get the connection to work I also have problems with configuration tool. The settings are always erased on a power cycle and I always have to check all the boxes and resend. I've tried saving as presets, but somehow the presets only load on the left outputs 1-4. Sometimes I have to send the config 2-3 times before it works.

Do I just have a bad unit?
Just to be sure, are you using the config tool that you can download?

I had similar problems before with the web based tool (using chrome on my surface pro 4), where I had to send changes multiple times; and request the config multiple times to get it to work... Ever since switching to the stand-alone tool it's perfect.
It’s the downloaded tool with the latest firmware
Sounds like you might be saving a Preset when you mean to save a Configuration.
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