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Rene's Eurorack Journal ~
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Author Rene's Eurorack Journal ~
I enjoyed reading other people's threads like this (special shout out my involuntary mentor hihi starthief) that i figured i'd finally start my own!

bit of background – i'm a violinist (sort of) classically trained but mostly play irish music, but even that not so much recently. Got into making hip hop beats and remix type stuff in the computer - love the mundane precision work of chopping up samples but never loved working on the computer. youtube led me to bastl now i'm here.

kastl > shnth > 0-coast was my pre-eurorack phase in 2018, and then around the end of last year i supplemented my 0-coast with a popcorn sequencer and lil nerd. then i got a deal on the full mannequins suite, later adding teletype to really fall all the way down that rabbit hole w00t i have yet to crawl out!

here's a track I made with the below set up:


I've got more modules than I have room for in my DIY 84hp, but the new case is in the mail hopefully will get here soon

this'll be my set up in the new 6U 70hp portable case on its way - everything bought used (BUY USED! TRADE!):

i've got one of those black bizmuth's on preorder, and planning to make an RIP as an output (right now using a dude mixer). I already know that I need an attenuator for JF 8V waves – planning to go with AI Synthesis' swithching attenuator down the line but for now I'll spare the cold mac and matrix channels and see how i get on ~

going to ireland for grad school in less than a month, so those things not pictured in the rack probably wont happen until christmas time or so. anyways that's enough for now Guinness ftw! i will be back to show off my new case, no doubt, in the next couple weeks
Enjoyed the track, looking forward to where the journey takes you!
wow a literal oud player! ^_^ thank you, enjoying your music right now - cheers!
okay so some things have changed:

I've got a second mangrove along with a real RIP on its way. I've enjoyed the Dixie II+ just fine, I can't really say anything bad about it. But I guess I was spoiled by mangrove being my first oscillator... it just feels so much more natural and its simplicity is really appealing to me. Of course I can do whatever I want to the abundant waveshapes dixie gives, but in the relatively small instrument I'm building I'm not convinced Dixie is giving me what I need on its own to earn its keep. So I'm trying to sell it, and if I don't I think it will be on LFO duty with some FM experiments.

Also on the potential chopping block is triple sloth – I enjoy it sometimes, but I feel like I need to run it through a cold mac's slope in order to get it rectified then that's only a few nearly identical signals available and it's taking up cold mac real estate (which somehow still gets taken up even with two). And I remembered Teletype has a chaos operator which is limited but would give me as much as I'm using of this module... Anyways, I'd like more time with it in an ideal world, but I was originally planning on building one down the road when I got this one in a trade so it's a potentially on the way out.

Lastly the Doepfer a-138m is so so lovely, but it's a bit extra and I might prefer to downscale to the upcoming AI synthesis matrix mixer which is half the size... I'd lose one output channel but I'm almost always using one of the outputs as an offset voltage to w/ which i could get just as easily from teletype or cold macs. If no one takes it I'll keep it a bit longer.

Picking up my bizmuth tomorrow probably and going to see if the shop has an autodyne for me to test drive... considering that or a propust (or both) to use some store credit I've got. probably best to hold onto the store credit and give myself some time with my growing system.

also my case arrived and it's so beautiful !! but it got bumped around in travel (no damage to the outside thank god) but something got knocked out of whack in the power supply so the -12V isn't working cry anyways they're sending me a replacement soon so all me little friends can play together w00t

last thing (i mean it this time): been playing a lot with my grandpa and it's super fun but I'm really excited to load some of my own samples on there to mess with. The granular and shift speed stuff still brain melts me, and I can't always get it to loop when I want it too... but an offset voltage makes it loop too which is cool because I can modulate cold mac and macro control sample playback w00t hopefully negative voltages don't do anything bad (nothing bad has happened yet lol)
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