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Disting Mk4 - Positive Voltage issue
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Author Disting Mk4 - Positive Voltage issue
About a week ago I encountered a strange issue with my Disting Mk4. All of a sudden, the Z input seemed to stop recognising positive voltages from my LFO. This youtube clip shows me inputting a sine wave LFO into the Mk4 followed by the Mk3 which doesn't have the same problem.

youtube clip

I have also tried inputting the same LFO into the X and Y inputs on the Mk4 which work as expected, cycling through the red and blue LEDs..
Is it simply that you have the Z knob turned fully counterclockwise?
thanks for the reply andrew
whatever the issue was, it has resolved itself and i have tried now putting the Z knob in all positions which doesn't lead to the same problem
all good anyway Miley Cyrus

note: i did empty the SD card, reformat etc in the interim
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