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fh-2 audio rate clocking question/request
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Author fh-2 audio rate clocking question/request
perhaps an odd question/usage but thought i'd ask: i'm attempting to use the fh-2 as a multi-frequency divider-muliplier by sending an audio rate pulse into the clock input and setting the clocked lfo rates to various multiples of that, essentially producing 6 separate vcos. functionally it works pretty well, the issue is that the wave outputs are fairly distorted.

i got the idea from sending audio rate to the clockable lfo algorithm on the disting, and the audio there is suprisingly clean/little distortion. i realize they're completely different modules but thought i'd ask if there was a simple explanation as to why the lfo waveforms at audio rate on fh-2 were rather distorted.

also noticed one of the items on the last fh-2 update: "Increased the output update rate, improving smoothness of LFOs and envelopes." curious if increasing further would clean up the wave forms.


p.s. for anyone interested/in case hasn't been covered elsewhere, needless to say this technique works great for slower pulses ie standard clock division, essentially a 6 part clock divider/multiplier.
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