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Stereoping Microwave Programmer anybody ?
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Author Stereoping Microwave Programmer anybody ?
strangely , I cannot find any video to see how this works on a microwave 1 .
is there anyone here using it ?

if yes, how is the vibe of whole thing ? easy to come up with fast results ?

how is it working in multi mode ?

thanks !

Sir Ruff
firstly, don't buy it from that dude--he's marking it up heavily (like he does to everything he sells). Buy it direct from Gregor/Stereoping, it will definitely be cheaper.

As far as use... I've had that and the Access programmer previously. The Stereoping programmer is overall much better, BUT... there is still a degree of menu diving and manipulating that keeps programming from being truly painless. Some basic things like wavetable position (I think, I can't remember) require diving into a menu for, which was frustrating. Other things like assigning modulations are FAR easier than they would be on the MW1 itself, but still require using the menu (a little bit).

Bottom line--if you're committed to your MW1, then this is a no-brainer. Just don't expect a perfect 1:1 knob/function interface.
It's amazing.

You can read the manual if you want the details regarding how it works. You can access (lol) all synth functions and it receives and transmits patch dump values so you can compare your edits. Sir Ruff is a bit rude in a way. I wouldn't even qualify it as better than another available hardware programmer... it's a whole level higher, comparable to the software programmers in the amount of features. And last but not least the functions are cleverly implemented to make you the least pain possible.
Sir Ruff
I'm not sure how my take on it could be considered rude hmmm..... I agree it's a massive upgrade but it's still not perfect. Just looking at the panel for example, I am reminded how certain features have double functions (e.g., wave envelope) and how there is no dedicated knob for LFO modulation of the wavetable--these are core functions to me that deserve their own knobs.

At the end of the day, the design reflects a cost-saving approach by Stereoping where they had a set programmer design that they have modified for several synths--this means they couldn't include dedicated controls for all main parameters, which is what would be ideal. Same thing happened with their MPG80 controller--it's actually not better than the original because several functions now reside in menus, whereas the original was menu-free.
hm i didn't know there's a bit of menu diving on these controller meh
still they are better choice than nothing
Agree with Sir Ruff.

It is great, but there were compromises, with the wavetable option requiring menu diving being the main culprit.

But it’s probably the best one out there and unlocks the power of the synth which can be trapped within what is otherwise an unfriendly interface.

And versus the software programmers, nice and knobby and stable.

I appreciate the multiple/variable randomiser functionality too.
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