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Silent Way Requirement Question
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Author Silent Way Requirement Question
OK, I have an ES-8, two disting MK4's, an ES-6 and just hooked up an ES-5. And I understand that I will need to purchase silent way to work with Bitwig, will probably need to buy it again with Reason and the VCV Rack module is not out yet. I am willing to do that, but I want to make sure I have that right? The ES-5 will not work without Silent way?

If you buy the Silent Way suite of plugins, they should work in ANY DAW. They’re not specific to any one host, though there is a Reason Rack Extension (of questionable usefulness over the VST’s) and some VCV modules available. The RE and VCV devices I can’t say a whole lot about, but the SW VST suite is dope AF in Reason.
Just the VST suite is cool. Thanks!
Picked it up and... stoked. This is just for the record. This is out of the manual

The Silent Way ES-5 Controller plug-in is a special element of the Silent Way plug-in suite,
dedicated to controlling the Expert Sleepers ES-5 module. Unlike most of the rest of the
Silent Way plug-ins, the ES-5 Controller does not time out, allowing unrestricted use
without a Silent Way licence.

and the plugin does say it times out, which is part of this confusion. Overall no worries everything worked out.
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