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bruel and kjaer 1617 repair
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Author bruel and kjaer 1617 repair
Hello there.

Recently bought a Bruel and Kjaer bandpassfilter from ebay real cheap. When it turned up it looks like all the plastic switches ashs come loose (probably not in transport). Before I even think about turning it on I thought I would get them into place. Turns out I can't really figure out how to get them in place.

I've inclosed a picture on what the looks like. There are no screws or other stuff to attach it to other than a plastic windown attached to each cutout on the front panel. These plasti wintows have screws attached to them on the inside of the panel and my guess is that these switches are supposed to be between the plastic and the actual planel. Some of these plastic windows ar ebroken however and getting to the inside of the panel seems to demand taking the hole thing apart screw by screw. Perhaps easier to just glue the switches in place so I at least can turn the thing on?

Anyways, my question is if anyone has seen these kind of switches before and how they should be attached?
Seems to be a common problem with this unit:

Bruel & kjaer 1617 band pass filter

Bruel & Kjaer Band Pass Filter TYPE 1617
* Power Switch - Plastic Piece Broken
* Buttons/Switches - Switches are held in place and you are able to toggle the switches, however, they are in loosely. If you apply too much pressure they fall into the housing. Upon inspection, it appears the plastic piece holding the switches in place are not there but they connections/solders appear good

Taken from:
those are snap-in style connectors. they have a leaf spring on the back that retains them. there are no screws. so your description sounds correct, they go through the plastic thing, which is then screwed down, and the front panel covers up that mess. you could tack them down with some hotglue for the time being, make sure they work, and then epoxy them down if its all good. the only downside to that, is it will be a little difficult to replace them in the future if they go bad.
Thanks will try just that. For being High End this is a really crappy design choice by B&K.
Looks like a fun toy!

Are you going to control it with GPIB (IEEE-488)? There was a Labview thread here recently; that would get you going.
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